This is my fully featured, full fledged blog which I regularly contribute to and update. This was a project that really stretched my creativity and imagination to make it visually appealing and I think I pulled it off quite well.

I rebuilt this blog using React (from pure HTML) because I felt the reusable component architecture of React suits a blog much better. Using JavaScript allows for niceties like mapping through the list of blogs and much more.

Speaking of which, the content is hosted using a content management system (CMS), namely Storyblok. This allows for adding, removing and updating blog data via Storyblok's intuitive user interface without touching the code.

I switched away from using Disqus for a comment section solution to using my own custom solution. My comment section is powered by Firebase. I tapped into Firebase for authenticating users either via Google or anonymously. Their respective comments are stored in Firebase's Firestore. Read more about it on my blog.

I also added support for dark mode.

The blog is served by Vercel and my custom domain is linked to this site using GoDaddy.