This Next.js app is a landing page for all the personal projects I've worked on. It provides an overview of each project as well as the tech stack used in each project and where possible, a link to see it in action.

In terms of the tech stack, this project uses React for the front-end. The repetitive nature of elements made something like React which uses reusable components the perfect tool for this website. I used Sass for styling the page. I used a Javascript library called AOS (Animation on Scroll) for the reveal effects that the wrapper elements have. Icons are from react-icons font-awesome.

The content is hosted using a content management system (CMS), namely Storyblok. This allows for adding, removing and updating project data via Storyblok's intuitive user interface without touching the code.

I realise that it's recursive to include this project on this site but this is one of my projects nevertheless. This project is deployed using Vercel and my domain is hosted on GoDaddy